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Sprout Concept FAQs

Yes, without login you can only see SRP for each product. After login into your account you can see wholesale prices according to the type of your business.
Please sign up for an account. Kindly provide a short overview of your company’s sales channels and specify which brand you are interested in. We will reply to your request within five business days.
Once you successfully register an account, you will have access to a comprehensive price and product list.
We recommend a minimum order value of $1000 CAD as doing so entitles you to our best shipping rate, but you are welcome to place orders of any size. Price will vary depending on your company’s method of sales and the nature of your organization (e.g., e-commerce company, school etc.)
Your products will ship within five days of ordering and payment. The time required for delivery will depend on your region. Third-party delivers to customers in Vancouver in about 2 business days, while customers in the rest of Western Canada and Eastern Canada should expect delivery in about 3 and 5 business days, respectively.
If you elect to use your own shipping provider, we will provide you the required information, including the number, weight, and size of the boxes. If you would like to use our shipping company (Canpar), then we may charge a shipping fee, depending on your order amount (see below).
Yes, after accepting your order and process with payment, you are more than welcome to set up a pick up time with our customer service.
When you spend at least $1000 CAD, we charge a shipping fee equal no greater than 5% of the order amount. If your order is less than $1000 CAD, we will charge the full shipping cost. The exception is for iFam brand orders, which will be charged the full shipping cost regardless of order amount due to the exceptional size and dimensions involved.
Our warehouse pickup location is at 102-6871 Elmbridge Way, Richmond BC V7C4N1 Canada. Our retail location is at 2530 E Hastings St., Vancouver BC V5K1Z3 Canada.
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