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The Sprout Concept Advantage

MAP Enforcement

We conduct rigorous MAP enforcement within the Canadian market in accordance with brand requirements and disassociate with retailers who violate pricing regulations.

Online Marketing Material

We provide a detailed online product catalogue with descriptions, images, and videos to aid brand dissemination.

User Friendly Platform

Our ordering process is fast and simple. Streamlining the process for vendors delivers prompt payments and orders.

100% Quality Guarantee

Should you encounter a product with quality issues, we will replace it, 100% guaranteed.

After Sales Service

We provide selective sample and display rack and help order special marketing material like wooden display racks, gift bags, or others.

Best Shipping Rate

We offer highly competitive shipping rates across Canada. Please inquire for details.

Miscellaneous Services

We facilitate or offer various services for retailers; this includes pre-sales and thereafter, ordering without pre-payment or MOQ. Please inquire for details.

Brand Events

When requested, we help brands coordinate promotional events to help our retailers expand and strengthen their operations.

Promotional Events

When deemed applicable, we will personally conduct promotional events.

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For Products Covering Pregnancy to Early Childhood.
Our Catalog Spans a Variety of Brands and Offerings, Allowing you to Focus on Your Company’s Growth.
Join Us in Tapping into the Potential of this Exciting Industry.

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