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Baby Wide Spoon Step 2 – Kitty Design


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  • This spoon is suitable for children to start eating a meal by themselves. The head is deeper and wider than the 1 step spoon so that they can eat a meal without spilling. The spoon is soft with silicone, but it is enough rigid so that it spoon easily variety of food because of insert.
  • Lift-up head design: The head of the spoon does not touch the floor so that it can be used hygienically.
  • Wide and deep head design: The head has become deeper and wider than the step 1 spoon to accommodate a lot of weaning food.
  • Soft but rigid silicone spoon: It’s soft outside with silicone material and inserts inside. so that the child can load a variety of foods comfortably as well as soft baby food, and it’s good for self-feeding training.
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