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Easy Doing – Baby Potty Gray


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IFAM Easy Toddler Training Potty is a child toilet training seat potty that will help them to explore and enjoy the process of potty training! Easy Toddler Potty Training provides toilet training for boys & girls who are learning how to control their bowel movement. A child always wants to follow their parents in doing certain things such as using the toilet. However, an adult toilet can be too big for a child at the start which will make them feel uncomfortable or scared.

Easy Toddler Potty is the perfect size for your little one – toilet seat tailored to their small and cute hip line with a smooth curve edge. Designed to resemble an adult toilet which will reduce resistance later when using adult toilet seats.

  • Dimension 285W x 400L x 465H mm.
  • Back support.
  • The toilet seat is ergonomically designed for little bums.
  • Potty holder has a urine leak prevention feature.
  • Toilet lid and flush button (requires 2 AAA batteries) to mimic real adult toilets.
  • Non-slip points on seat and base of the potty.
  • The removable potty holder can easily be washed.

The product includes 1 IFAM Easy Toddler Training Potty – Grey. Other accessories featured in product image (e.g. play yard, pink training potty, etc) is NOT included.

Recommended for ages 2+ years.

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 29 × 46 × 25 cm
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